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Hi, I am Asha Iyer

I am a Children's Writing Coach.

With me, children will learn not only to effectively put their thoughts into words, become good writers to score well and impress readers, but also use their writing to be the person they want to be and live a life of unity and wholeness.

As an author and writing coach with 22 years of experience, I bring all the lessons that I have learned during this long journey towards becoming what my followers call 'a soulful writer'.

Join me, and let me help your children in their quest to find their creative talents and become a better student scoring higher and beyond that, become a happier person in life through writing.

Keep Glowing. Keep Growing.

Your trusted writing coach,


Hello Parents.....

I am very excited to have you here because this is opening up an opportunity for you and me to together explore the creative possibilities in your children, which they can use not only to fulfil their academic dreams but also to effectively navigate through life.

Hello Students.....

If you are a student striving to write impactful essays in school or college, or looking for ways to meaningful self-expression, i Bloom is here to help you find creative keys to your life through writing.

My Mission

Redefine Education
My Mission

Technology is teaching our children everything except to express creatively, espcially with words. I am on a mission to help children finds the joys of writing for both academic and non-academic purposes.

My Expertise

Digital Coaching
Smart Write Kids

With over 20 years of experience coaching and mentoring children in creative writing, I help them to bring out their best talents to express their thoughts and tell their stories effectively through writing. I help them become writers in their own right.

My Community

Business Growth Hub
iBloom Writers' Hub

My community comes together to create a learning atmosphere that will make the journey to becoming a writer a joyful and shared experience.

3 Steps To Become an Impactful Writer

With over 22 years of experience coaching children to write and make sense of the world and themselves through the written word. 

Step 1

Assess the level of creative Expression

The coach will start by conducting an assessment of the current state of the children's creative writing level, including their strengths and weaknesses, interests and scope. This step helps to identify the areas that need the most attention and to set realistic goals.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

Develop a plan 

Once the coach has given the children a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, they will work on a plan to address the identified challenges. This plan will include specific strategies and tactics to improve all areas of creative thought and expression.

Step 3

Implement the plan and provide support

The coach will work closely with the students to implement the plan and provide ongoing support and guidance. The coach will help the students stay on track, make progress towards their goals, and overcome any obstacles that arise. They will also provide feedback, resources and mentoring to help the client improve their writing skills and knowledge.

Step 3

Glow-worms Young Writers' Blog

With several young members contributing their talent to the community and thus growing, we are building a new firmament of stars among young writers. Glow-worms is an exclusive children's blog where you will showcase your learning and your growing talent once you have completed our 90 day finisher's challenge.

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your learning needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and become a writer-in-the-making right away.

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Trusted by Scores of Successful Students for over 22 Years

Guiding children from 'no ideas' to 'can write anything' confidently.

What Students and Parents say

Asha Ma’am’s classes are different from the norm. Instead of dissecting writing and literature like most teachers do she has taught me to enjoy the art and creativity in writing, be it poems, articles or stories. Her classes have enabled me to be not just a better author but a better person in the way I think and view the world. My time with her has bettered my writing skills significantly and helped me voice out my thoughts through words written on paper. Her innovative ideas, inspiring words, unique approach to teaching and genuine passion for what she does have made this class the best there is.

Jessica Robin

Grade 11, Dubai

Before I joined Asha ma'am's classes, I was struggling to even write an essay about my experience at the beach. I was also extremely shy and had no confidence in my self. She has helped in both my writing and my self confidence. With her help I am now able to write short stories in one sitting, something I never thought I would be able to do to save my life. Thank you asha maam, for all your help. It has been an absolute pleasure to be on this journey with you.

Kavya Saravanan

Grade 11, Dubai

Asha ma'am is not only an English teacher but a mentor who has supported and guided me through everything. She has helped me improve, not only in creative writing but in many other aspects. I joined her class unable to write even small stories and essays for school exams, but now can write long and better storie.

She has made me interested in many things that i would have never done before joining her classes. She has also helped me build confidence. All thanks to Asha ma'am.

Lakshmisree Raju

Grade 11, Indian School, Muscat

Ms. Asha's Creative Coaching Class has not only helped our child to progress in her writing skills but to positively model her overall character and mental well-being.

The open and unbiased feedback are highly helpful for us to guide the child in the right direction. Even though we opted for the online sessions we never felt any shortcomings of the remote learning in her classes. More than anything as our child is entering her difficult early teens, she finds solace in Ms. Asha's caring hands that's a blessing for us.

Ms. Sujatha Manoj

Parent of Gauri Gayatri, Grade 6,

Abu Dhabi

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